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DUNLOP AmericanElite - A lot more sizes are now available in Europe like:

MT60 B16
MU85 B16

130/90 B 16
140/90 B 16
150/80 B 16
180/65 B 16
130/80 B 17
140/75 R 17
160/70 B 17
200/55 R 17

130/70 B 18
180/55 B 18

130/60 B 19

DUNLOP AMERICAN ELITE - Better Mileage. Better Handling. Now You Get Both.

Harley-Davidson FL Touring bike riders can now enjoy more mileage to go along with the great grip and handling the American Elite is famous for in the all-new, second-generation American Elite. Credit design advancements along with Dunlop’s MT Multi-Tread™ construction for these breakthrough achievements. In controlled comparison tests with the Michelin Commander II* (a single-compound tire), the new second-generation American Elite delivered longer tread life as well as more grip and better handling performance all around improvements that translate to superior performance in real-world riding conditions. All this from a tire designed, tested and manufactured in America.

Dunlop’s MT Multi-Tread rear tire incorporates a long-wearing compound in the center of the tire tread and a lateral-grip compound on each shoulder to enhance cornering performance and feel.

You can check in our shop witch size of the new DUNLOP AMERICAN ELITE are available in Europe. >>


100/90 -19 (57H)
130/60 B19 (61H)

MT90 B16 (72H) 
MT90 B16 (72H)  NW
MT90 B16 (72H)  WWW

130/80 B17 (65H)
130/80 B17 (65H) NW
130/80 B17 (65H) WWW

140/75 R17 (67V)

130/70 B18 (63H)

MH90 -21 (54H)


150/80 B16 (77H)

MT90 B16 (74H)
MT90 B16 (74H) NW
MT90 B16 (74H) WWW

MU85 B16 (77H)
MU85 B16 (77H) NW
MU85 B16 (77H) WWW

MU85 B16 (77H)
MU85 B16 (77H) NW

MU85 B16 (77H)

180/65 B16 (81H)
180/65 B16 (81H) NW
180/65 B16 (81H) WWW

200/55 R17 (78V)

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