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Mitas C-28 C-29 TERRACROSS C-30 C-31


Mitas will also launch new tyres in the Motocross Competition range. The new tyres are C-28 and C-29 TERRACROSS designed for medium to hard terrains and C-30 and C-31 TERRACROSS for soft to medium terrains. Mitas TERRACROSS tyres will satisfy the needs of the most demanding motocross riders in the racing world.

They will be available on worldwide markets in December 2014.

80/100 -21 (51R) TT Mitas C29 TERRACROSS

100/90 -19 (57M) TT  Mitas C-28 TERRACOSS
110/90 -19 (57M) TT Mitas C-28 TERRACOSS

80/100 -21 (51R) TT Mitas C31 TERRACROSS

100/90 -19 (57M) TT Mitas C-30 TERRACOSS
110/90 -19 (57M) TT Mitas C-30 TERRACOSS

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